Nov 17, 2022 | Pastor Marc's Remarks

Destructive forces continue to secularize the world. As a result, faith–especially the discipleship in Christ–is continuously marginalized. Even within our houses of worship, priorities can become misguided, with attention focused on budgets, programs, and self-needs. As a result, we quickly lose sight of the Lord’s mission. “This is not my church; this is not your church; this is the Church of the Good Shepherd” is a rallying cry I regularly offer to focus our attention on Christ.

Secularization is not new to the church. In 1925, Pope Pius XI became frustrated with the modern world’s drift away from faithfulness. The West was experiencing secularism, communism was rising in Russia, fascism was taking hold in Italy and Spain, and the seeds of Nazism were sprouting in Germany. So, the Holy See established the Sunday festival of Christ the King to highlight attention on Jesus Christ as an appropriate message of unity and faith during a tumultuous time.

Whether by intention or coincidence, Christ the King Sunday landed on the last Sunday of October, the same day as the Protestant celebration of Reformation Sunday. Following the Second Vatican Council, which resulted in greater ecumenical cooperation, this festival day, previously viewed as a “Counter-Reformation Day,” was moved to the last Sunday of the liturgical year. So today, in addition to the Roman Catholic Church, many other Christian denominations will be observing Christ the King Sunday (or Reign of Christ Sunday) this weekend. These other faith traditions include the Anglican, Lutheran, Moravian, Methodist, Nazarene, Reformed, and United Protestant churches.

How about you take a moment from your everyday secular life to focus on the greatest gift of life – our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? Then, please join us for worship on Christ the King Sunday, November 20th. We offer a brief spoken liturgy with Holy Communion at 8:00 AM, a traditional musical Holy Communion liturgy at 10:15 AM, and a spiritually fulfilling Taizé worship service at 6:00 PM.


Pastor Marc


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