May 25, 2023 | Pastor Marc's Remarks

Because the famous chewing gum manufacturing company Wrigley drastically rolled back its advertising budget more than a decade ago, I suspect teenage twin sets of Amanda and Matthew Bodeker and Ethan and Olivia Mulada may not be as familiar with the Doublemint Twins as earlier generations.

Wrigley, the Chicago-based company founded in 1891, added a third product to its successful Jucy Fruit and spearmint chewing gums in the year 1914: Doublemint gum. The company’s earliest advertisements promoted Doublemint for its “double-strength” peppermint flavor. Playing off the word double in the name, Wrigley portrayed identical twins wearing matching outfits to help pitch its new product. The ads showed twins riding bikes, playing tennis, and other fun activities together, but strangely–never chewing gum.

In 1939, Wrigley added stylized illustrations of twins in newspaper and magazine ads. Eventually, real twins Marie and Mildred Maier of Silverhill, Alabama, became the first Doublemint Twins to star in the print ads. Then, in 1959,  21-year-old sisters Jayne and Joan Knoerzer of Hammond, Indiana, became the first product spokespersons to appear on television. They were not professional actresses or models but actually singers. Wrigley parlayed their musical talent in the recording “Double Your Pleasure,” Doublemint’s official theme song. The longest-reining Doublemint Twins, Linda and Lisa Yokubinas, were cast in 1985 and continued representing Wrigley for a decade.

Although the Bodeker and Mulada twins may have missed the barrage of Doublemint commercials past generations knew quite well, they certainly know living life as a twin. The activities portrayed in those commercials in newspapers, magazines, and television as a double are pretty familiar. Likewise, daily life activities and milestones often are shared with your twin. This Sunday, May 28th, Amanda & Matthew and Ethan & Olivia will affirm their baptismal vows at their confirmation liturgy at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Plainview.

Being a twin myself, officiating this occasion will be an honor. It will be special because of my relationship with these twins. Amanda & Matthew’s grandmother, Linda Boccafola, was president of the congregation that first called me to serve upon my ordination. Shortly thereafter, Ethan & Oliva became the first set of twins I presided over at a baptism.

We invite you to join us for the Rite of Confirmation on the Day of Pentecost, Sunday, May 28th, at 10:15 AM. We also worship at 8:00 AM that morning. So be there and double your pleasure, double your fun!


Pastor Marc

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